Gear Up For Cyber Week!

We would like to interrupt your regularly scheduled  Friday afternoon internet time to remind that the Digilent Cyber Week deals are almost upon us!

You may have heard about some of our plans for Cyber Monday but the deals don’t stop there! in fact, this year we will be celebrating the full five days. The event starts Monday the 26th and continues through the whole week, with each day yielding a new 24-hour sale.

However the only way to participate is to first signup here! Keep in mind that even if you are signed up for  the Digilent Newsletter you still have to stop by the deals page to qualify.

Answer four questions to qualify for five days of deals!

These exciting specials will include some of our most popular products, revealed each day!

Or also in the image above. And the sentence below.

But hey we don’t need the element of surprise to convince you not to count out these discounts, especially when they include products like the Analog Discovery 2Embedded Vision Kit, PmodsArtyCora and the OpenScope MZ.

It is difficult to appropriately convey using through the medium of words and the internet how very big of a deal these sales will be, but a little birdy told me that one such sale might include awesome deals such as a buy-three-get-one-free Pmod special!

And by birdy I mean my boss. And by “might” I mean absolutely, we already did the banner and everything.

Not this banner.

So make your way over to the deals signup page, and  mark your calendars because this Cyber Week is not going to be one you want to forget!

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