Get a FREE BNC Adapter and Set of Oscilloscope Probes for a Limited Time!

Those familiar with the history of the Analog Discovery know that it was designed by engineering professors in order to provide an entire benchtop of equipment in one low cost, portable device for ECE Students. As those students graduated and became Electrical Engineering professionals, they continued to use their Analog Discovery’s in their careers. After all,┬ádesign problems don’t always happen when you’re near a traditional┬álab.

From the reviews:

“I wish it could …” is not a thought that has occurred to me
while using the Analog Discovery 2. It is producing answers for development work, as well as real measurements for real problems. I might need another one.

“Almost everything you could wish for in a test instrument in one compact device! Scope, logic analyzer, protocol analyzer, FFT, network analyzer. Take your lab with you….”

The Analog Discovery Pro bundle has components selected for professional use, including the BNC Adapter and BNC probes. The use of traditional probes ensures a secure connection, and increases the bandwidth of the Oscilloscope to 30 MHz!

We want all professionals to have the advantage of an Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer and more in their briefcase. So for a limited time, if you use the code BNC2018 the Analog Discovery Pro Bundle is the same price as an Analog Discovery on its own. That means you are getting the BNC Adapter for Analog Discovery and the BNC Probes for FREE!

The Analog Discovery 2 Pro Bundle includes the Analog Discovery 2, BNC Adapter, BNC Oscilloscope Probes, and a set of 6 Mini Grabber Clips.

This promotion is limited time and must be redeemed before the end of the year, and can only be used on the Analog Discovery Pro Bundle.

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