Get the Kickstarter Workbook on Amazon

When we launched the OpenScope on Kickstarter, we received a lot of excitement and encouragement around the last edition to ship, the Learning Edition. In the Learning Edition we shipped the OpenScope MZ, Analog Parts Kit, and the OpenScope Workbook. Each Kickstarter backer then had the choice of receiving a download of the workbook and a coupon for the amount that the workbook was worth with the local printing service in a small batch, or a physical copy of the workbook.
After fulfilling all of our Kickstarter orders, we received inquiries from other edition backers and OpenScope MZ customers to get their hands on their own OpenScope workbook. Since the Learning Edition workbook was locally printed and sourced, it was too expensive to make available to everyone else. So, we began the process of evaluating publishers and found Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon.
I’m excited to announce that the OpenScope Workbook is now available for purchase on Amazon!
You can order a Paperback version of the workbook here. The workbook is also available to download on the Digilent Wiki. For more information and to see all of the documentation available on the OpenScope, check out the resource center.
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