Getting Ready for Pi Day

This upcoming Saturday is Pi Day! It’s a particularly special one this year — 3.14.15! What do you plan to do for it?


Image from Science Friday.


Pi was first calculated as a way to find the area of circle since the ancient Babylonians were doing so on clay tablets and the Egyptians were using reed styluses. Archimedes finally calculated the values we commonly use now in Greece (sometime between 287–212 BCE), although he knew it was an approximation rather than an exact value. A Chinese mathematician, Zu Chongzhi, independently calculated an approximation of it later (in the 6th century). The letter pi began to be used in the 1700s (it was popularized by Euler!). For a more in-depth history of pi, see this link!


So how will you celebrate? Will you make a pi pie? Or perhaps throw a pi party? There are so many things you can do, and one helpful person even compiled a list.


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