Getting Ready for School – Transitioning from Summer

With summer coming to a close, it is important to start preparing yourself for school. While this is often difficult, even traumatic for some, the right steps towards preparation can lead to a rewarding school experience. After asking our team of student engineers what they do to prepare, we created the following list of tips and tricks to help ease your transition.

Shop for School Essentials

The first step in preparation that can make or break your future success often relies on the materials you have at home. Whether these materials are composition notebooks for in-class note taking or required class boards (such as our Nexys™4 DDR), purchasing what you need ahead of time will remove future stress.

Remove Procrastination

If procrastination is hard to beat, start weaning yourself off distracting websites about a week before school starts. Limiting distractions like Netflix and Facebook can greatly improve your attention and future study habits.

Photo by Quinn Sullivan.
Photo by Quinn Sullivan.

Organize, Organize, Organize

Setting up your work space and living atmospheres can also improve your motivation for scholarly success. Finding homes for summer projects or tidying your creative spaces will provide a sense of small accomplishment that can carry over to other areas in life. Jotting down you class schedule and finding your classes before school starts will further ease your transition.


Screenshot by Quinn Sullivan.
Screenshot by Quinn Sullivan.

Set Your Sleep Schedule

One of the most important steps in preparing yourself for success is setting a standard sleep schedule. This can make all the difference for early classes and help you stay attentive each morning, a quality that many teachers notice. Counting backwards from the time you need to wake up each weekday morning will help you set a time for going to bed, and ensure you get enough sleep. While setting a regular morning alarm will help make sure your mind is ready to go.

Make a Budget

To prevent stressful situations as the year progresses, making a budget will help you start the year off right. Determining your weekly expenditures and factoring in school expenses will keep you on track and eliminate some financial worries.


Screenshot by Quinn Sullivan.
Screenshot by Quinn Sullivan.

Start Checking School Email

Before school begins it is critical to check your official email and prepare yourself for potential scheduling headaches. Without a doubt you will hear stories of students falling victim to missed classroom changes or summer assignments. Avoid becoming a tale of woe by staying on top of your emails and teacher notifications.

Enjoy Your Last Uninterrupted “Lazy” Days

When you feel prepared for school’s arrival, make sure you take time to enjoy the last few days of uninterrupted summer fun. Transition your brain slowly by trying a new project (take a look at some ideas listed below) or grab a friend and play outside. Preparing yourself does not have to be difficult, and the little time spent doing so will ease your transition into a stress-free school year.

As you enjoy the end of your summer with these projects, stay tuned for our how-to survive the first week of class!


Play Whack-A-Mole with the Nexys 2.

Build a FocusSpace to jumpstart your studies.

Make a (Turbo!) Cookie Cutter in Tinkercad for some delicious summer evenings.

Build a chipKIT Alarm Clock.

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