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Howdy! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything new to my For Cheap Robots series, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been idle, far from it actually! I’ve recently been offered the chance to write a guest article for another robotics blog called IntoRobotics!

Look at this handsome, cardboard, line-following robot!
Learn how to make this handsome, cardboard, line-following robot!

This blog is written and edited by Calin Dragos-George, an IT analyst with a background in electrical and mechanical engineering. He started his blog because he has a love for robotics, and wanted to create a big resource for tutorials, reviews, news, and opinions for the robotics community. I really recommend that you check it out!


Calin saw my work on Instructables with the For Cheap Robots series, and he asked me if I could write him a tutorial. I figured this was the perfect opportunity to connect all the little tutorials I had done into one complete robot, so I said yes!

(This tutorial shows how these three modular tutorials can be combined into one, complete robot.)

My philosophy with these tutorials has always been modularity. Making one robot tutorial risks including parts that are easy for some people to get ahold of, and harder for others. By making a bunch of little tutorials, I hope to make it easier for new learners to jump right in and build the robot they want with the parts they can get.


However, after building up my collection of small tutorials, it’s finally time for me to show how all of these can be used to make one complete robot! With that, I’d like to show all of you how to use the For Cheap Robots tutorial to make a simple, line-following robot of your very own!

Line Follower 1

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