Happening Now- The chipKIT Flash Sale!

We have some exciting news!

We are clearing out inventory in our chipKIT product line and have some incredible deals!
Many of these products are 30-60% off.

This sale is the last of our chipKIT-branded inventory. We are clearing out to make room for Digilent-branded microcontrollers!

If you are not familiar with microcontrollers and the awesome things you can do with them, please check out our Learn site for some guidance on how to get started.

For reference material on the boards themselves, please head over to our wiki, and if you are in need of some inspiration/motivation, check out some samples of what we here at Digilent have put together in the past!

Including projects like this awesome homemade Alarm Clock!

The sale ends June 30th, so make sure to get there in a flash to pick up some amazing deals and check out the community over at chipKIT.net!

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2 Comments on “Happening Now- The chipKIT Flash Sale!”

    1. Yes, this post was from years ago, and we are no longer selling those items!

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