Heading to ASEE to Discuss How We Can Help: Engineering Bundles Save Time & Money

The message we bring to ASEE is simple: Digilent remains committed to making electrical engineering and design technologies understandable and accessible to all by empowering educators and students with low-cost tools and curriculum.


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Engage your students by providing state-of-the-art hardware with complimentary software and teaching materials to help them get started. We provide the means to do this as well as access to accessories which will foster and enhance their learning experience.


We have recently begun bundling related items into kits which incorporate the materials needed for the successful understanding of a single topic. Bundling provides a cost-effective and convenient way for customers to purchase products which pertain to a common theme. Below are two examples. 


Physical Computing Kit
The Physical Computing Kit includes LabVIEW Home Edition and the chipKIT WF32.


Course in a BOX
The ZYBO Course in a Box is coming soon.  Ask us more at our booth 629


Do you have any bundle ideas you would like us to offer? Come and see us at booth 629 to tell us about it and learn more about our existing bundles, our new products, and our MakerSpace.


We have so much to show you! See you at ASEE in Seattle!


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