How A Small Rectangular Box Got Me Interested In Electronics

Growing up, my sister and I always seemed to have very different interests. She was fond of reading and sports, while I am keen on video games and technology. I often wondered at what of the point in our lives this became apparent to our parents, but I think one of the clearest moments that I remember was around the beginning of the 2000s. When my sister and I were about 10 and 6 respectively we got a Christmas gift from our grandparents, the widely popular hand held gaming consoles, the Game Boy Color.


We were very excited to have gotten such a gift. While it was fun for both of us, my sister quit playing pretty quickly but I kept playing. I found more joy in video games than my sister did, and how I got interested in technology can be related to video games and type of Game Boy I received.


The atomic purple Game Boy Color was just like the other Game Boys except the casing was translucent. Looking at this device might not spark interest in most but being a game player grabbed my attention. I could see a good deal of the circuitry that was attached to the buttons and the directional pad.


I was amazed at how a cartridge could be inserted into the Game Boy and then a whole new world can be created on the screen in front of me. I was quickly enchanted about how those circuits could create worlds that I wished to explore.

As video games advance so does the technology around them. It amazes me that we are soon approaching virtual reality headsets. From owning a hand held gaming system that could only support 2 dimensional games to a head set that can simulate 3 dimensional spaces that you to interact with that world has captivated me.

Game Boy Color The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons.
Naught Dog’s Last of Us.

If I had to pick one reason why I became interested in technology is the advancements that are being made in this field. Every year there is a new product that comes out and it is a step ahead of the previous version.

I always wanted to design video games when I was younger. I soon realized that I was not all that artistic so my chances at succeeding at that career were not ideal. However I quickly discovered though that there was more to games then just art.


There was a whole world of the technology and coding that made games work. The thought of making the insides of games work was just as exciting as trying to make the outside of the games.


Even though gaming inspired me to become interested in video game design, I eventually found a different path. I became an electrical engineer where I still got to work with advancing technology. Maybe I’ll even get to work on the components that go into gaming systems. In the end I’m pretty happy that my grandparents got my sister and I those Game Boy Colors. I might have never found my passion if it was not for that gift.

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