How Do We Use Instructables and the Blog?

You might have noticed that we’re pretty fond of our Instructables at Digilent. In the tutorials we post here on the blog, we often include a link to a corresponding Instructable. So that begs the question — what do we use Instructables for, since we could also write the tutorial on the blog?

From James'  Alarm Clock project.
From James’ Alarm Clock project.

The main reason is that they’re used for separate things. We use Instructables to answer the question “how?” with our projects and products. And Instructables do that very well. Instructables provide a streamlined approach and have a good setup for designing projects and tutorials in a detailed fashion. But what if you want more background information?

That’s where blog posts come in! The blog often has tutorials, but they’re approached from a different perspective. Instead of asking how, they seek to answer the why, who, or what questions. That is, if it’s a tutorial on the blog, it should be providing a more theoretically based approach to a project. It should answer the following questions: why does it work the way it does? why would I need or want something like that? The blog will also feature posts about the history of Digilent or Digilent products, as well as announcements and giveaways.

What would you like to see more of in Digilent’s Instructables or in our blog? Comment and let us know!

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