How to Jump-Start Your New Year

As we grow with another year under our belt, many people have begun the search for new ways to make more from their everyday activities. Whether you are in the process of writing new years resolutions, or further procrastinating old resolutions from last year, there are many ways you can jump-start your new year on the right foot.

Make Time for Your Hobbies

One of the first mistakes people make when writing resolutions or adding new focus to their life is not accounting for their ability to procrastinate. When taking the time to figure out your daily schedule, you can improve your success by setting aside a reasonable amount of free time for desired hobbies or activities. If you find yourself procrastinating away the time you set for your hobbies, try starting your day earlier or scheduling time in the morning for some relaxation and enjoyment. Getting your goals accomplished early can help improve your willpower and feelings of accomplishment, which easily carry on through the rest of your day.

Photo by Quinn Sullivan.
Photo by Quinn Sullivan. Project featured here.

Learn or Create Something New

We are rarely challenged to be creative anymore so it is important to challenge yourself each day to make or learn something new. Not only will pushing yourself to develop your creativity or improve your knowledge skyrocket you ahead of peers, but it may result in something fabulous to share! With so many social media sites to share your creations, such as our Digilent Instructables that you can find here, there is no reason not to push yourself this year.

Learn how to make a piano Instructable and photo found here.
Learn how to make a piano Instructable and photo found here.

Contribute to Your Community

Another great way to jump-start your new year is contributing to your community. The maker community is a great place to both introduce your own creations and support creations by others. If you don’t find yourself confident enough to post your own creations, then take some time to encourage and support others’ work with cheerful comments. You never know whose life may improve with a little positive encouragement.

Photo by Quinn Sullivan.
Photo by Quinn Sullivan.

Grow (Outside of Your Comfort Zone!)

And finally, the best way to work towards a fantastic year is by pushing yourself to grow outside of your comfort zone. Have you always wanted to try an electrical engineering project such as building circuits or programming code? Try a project box or a starter kit (find some here) that gradually introduces you to new concepts. Are you courageous enough to jump in and start something completely new? Find some tutorials (here) or online projects (here) and apply whatever you can in an area you are passionate.

Fritzing Code photo and Instructable found here.
Fritzing Code photo and Instructable found here.

No matter what you try, as long as you make an effort you will be improving from last year. Good luck with whatever you attempt this year. We can’t wait to see what you accomplish!

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