How to Make Your World Into a Video Game

If you have played a video game or have seen a video game being played, then you can understand that there are components of their design that are great. The one thing that I like about video games is that they give me a chance to explore an unknown world, fight monsters, find lost treasures, and save the world. These are typically tasks we typically can’t do in our own life. What if there was someway to bring an aspect of video games into your daily life? Before we do that, let’s take a trip back to 1998.


In the fall of 1998, “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” was released for the Nitendo 64. The N64 was one of the first consoles to support 64 bits and have the ability to play 3-dimensional games. The game series, “The Legend of Zelda”, was already popular from it’s previous games, such as “Link’s Awakening” and “A Link to the Past”. The release of a 3-dimensional “Legend of Zelda” was mind boggling. Many people claim this to be the pinnacle of the series and for gaming in general. In this game in particular, the creators created a very iconic scene.

This song and scene is one of the most, if not the number one, recognizable things from video games. This sequence is great for a couple reasons. The song creates a crescendo of suspense and magic. The light adds to the magic to opening the chest along with mystery. Finally, holding the item above your head generates a sense of epic quality of the item you found. There is a way to add all of these qualities to your life. Let’s make our own “Legend of Zelda” chest. Let’s tackle this task as if it was its own dungeon.


To start you’ll need to gather the items to defeat this challenge.

A Chest

chipKIT Max32

Piezoelectric buzzer

WS2812 LED strip


Copper Tape

10 k-Ohm resistors


AA battery pack

Once you’ve succeeded in obtaining your items, you can now move on to defeating each mini-boss of this project.


The first mini-boss is designing the chest. You want to make sure your chest has enough space for everything. Here you can decide where to put your battery pack along with your chipKIT board and breadboard.


The circuity mini-boss will be a little tricky because you have to find away for the Max32 to recognize that the chest is being opened. I used copper tape make the lid of the chest complete the circuit when the chest is closed. You’ll need to make sure that you have resistors set up correctly for this copper button. You don’t want to have the copper tape create a short in your circuit.

For the music mini-boss you can follow this post to get an understanding of how to create a song using MPIDE. You will need to follow some sheet music for the song. The song can be found on this website.


For the last mini-boss, you’ll have to conquer some LED strips. Check out this Instructable to get a grasp on how to use and code with our WS2812 LED strips. I was able to get help from my friend Marshall to get the trailing effect I wanted. To see how I got the effect I will link my project down below.

_SHL7417 _SHL7415

For the Final boss you’ll need to put all of skills you used to take out the mini-bosses and combine them together. With some creativity and ingenuity you will have your very own “Legend of Zelda” chest working in no time.

Now that you’re done with that put something inside of it! Get a heart piece and put it in there. Give it to someone who likes Zelda and see their face light up with delight as they open it.


The full Instructable for this project can be found here. Try to see if you can figure it out for yourself first. The true joy of beating a dungeon is being able to beat it yourself. Having help along the way isn’t bad either. Just make sure you work hard. Enjoy the adventuring!

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