How to Program Your chipKIT Board in the Arduino IDE


For those of you with a chipKIT board, I have good news! If you like using the Arduino IDE, your dreams have become a reality with chipKIT-core (currently in beta). You can now program all of the chipKIT boards directly from within the Arduino IDE and the most-used libraries included with the chipKIT platform have already been updated to be compatible with the Arduino 1.6.x. If you’re interested in learning how to install chipKIT core, check out my Instructable that goes over how to manually install chipKIT-core yourself. If you’re using Arduino IDE version 1.6.7, you can use a super easy method to install and update chipKIT-core that I recently learned about that is not detailed in my Instructable.


If your version is 1.6.7, you can auto install via URL from within the Arduino IDE. This is the easiest method available! First, open the Arduino IDE and go to File->Preferences. A dialog box will show up and in the “Additional Boards Manager URLS:” you can add the URL: and then click OK to close the dialog box. Check out the picture below of the dialog box to make sure you have filled it out correctly.


Next go to Tools->Board->Board Manager in the Arduino IDE which will open a menu with all the packages you have. Scroll down to the chipKIT section and click on it. A button will appear that says install. When you click that, chipKIT-core will be installed. Once the install is finished, close the window and you will see that all of the chipKIT boards are available to select when you go to Tools->Boards!


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  1. hi – I tried this with Arduino version 1.6.7 and version 1.1.0 from chipKit and I cannot get the programmer to work. I always get the following message:

    Programmer for Microchip PIC32 microcontrollers, Version 2.0.186
    Copyright: (C) 2011-2015 Serge Vakulenko
    Adapter: STK500v2 Bootloader
    Program area: 1d000000-1d1fffff
    Processor: Bootloader
    Flash memory: 2048 kbytes
    Boot memory: 80 kbytes
    Data: 18064 bytes
    Erase: Cannot erase chip.

  2. Sudharsan Sukumar on

    Sorry for the late reply! This is strange, are you using a chipKIT Uno32? I would recommend making a post on the Digilent forums as well.


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