Imagination FlowCloud Features chipKIT™ WiFire!

Imagination Technologies is making its innovative FlowCloud technology available to developers, including the maker community and hobbyists, to speed application development for the Internet of Things (IoT). FlowCloud support will be available on several low-cost development boards with MIPS CPUs across a range of operating systems.


The first board with FlowCloud support is the new chipKIT WiFire board from Digilent! Users can get started with a beta version of FlowCloud for the WiFire at Visit  for more FlowCloud developer resources, and contact for more information. The WiFire is priced at $79 (U.S.) and can be ordered from Digilent at


With FlowCloud, users can construct solutions for a wide range of applications, including security, health monitoring, energy management, cloud-based systems for content delivery, and much more. FlowCloud technology minimizes the resources required to make a product fully connected, bringing together people, devices, and services in a platform for easily building connected applications and businesses.


The chipKIT WiFire.
The chipKIT WiFire.


Get prototyping more quickly with the newest addition to the chipKIT™ development platform family, built by Digilent. Featuring PIC32 MCUs from Microchip Technology, 32-bit chipKIT platforms are designed to get projects up and running in the shortest amount of time. All chipKIT boards can be targeted both with Microchip MPLAB®X and the easy-to-use, beginner-friendly MPIDE. Most chipKITs are hardware compatible with many existing Arduino™ modules, existing code examples, and reference materials are easily migrated. This gives the user a large range of options they can utilize as they prototype.


The chipKIT WiFire is only available through Digilent and builds on the previous chipKIT Wi-Fi solutions. With the WiFire, a significant processor performance increase is gained from the WF32 platform by using the latest PIC32MZ MCU. The PIC32MZ MCU represents a 2.5x increase in speed, 4x the flash memory, 512 KB of RAM, 50Mbps SPI, and high-speed USB. Most importantly, the new processor core includes a MIPS microAptiv CPU core from Imagination. microAptiv is a highly-efficient, compact, real-time embedded processor core with microMIPS code compression instruction set architecture and DSP instructions.

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