International Discounts & Sales – Distributor Sales Going On Around the Globe


Digilent is partnering with our international distributors to launch a few different holiday sales. Don’t miss the chance to save money during the Christmas season! We are eager to share some of these distributors’ sales and special pricing. No matter which continent you live on, there is bound to be a sale near you.

Pmod bundle and PIC 32 microcontroller + Pmods from Trenz Electronic, Germany

Pmod, Digilent, Rapid Prototyping, Germany,

Pmod Bundle from Trenz.

Trenz, PIC32, Pmod, Germany, Digilent, Microchip

PIC 32 Microcontroller + Pmod from Trenz.

Basys 3 and Analog Discovery from MCI Electronics, Chile 

Basys 3, Artix 7, Xilinx, Olimex, Chile, Analog Devices, USB scope

Basys 3 and Analog Discovery Sale, Olimex.

Selected PIC 32 Microcontroller Board special discount from Farnell, United Kingdom 

PIC 32, Microcontroller, Microchip, Farnell

PIC 32 Microcontroller Sale, Farnell.

Special discount on Digilent items from Inipro, South Korea

FPGA, Artix 7, SUME, Analog Devices, Xilinx, South Korea

General Digilent Sale, Inipro.

ZYBO and Pmod special discount from Beti, Turkey

Zynq, Xilinx, FPGA

ZYBO and Pmod Sale, Beti.

Find the one closest to you and get your Digilent swag now!

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