Introducing Flat Rate Shipping!

For our U.S.-based customers, we are excited to roll out a new program… flat rate shipping!

Red banner= Working on some new things.

Over the years we have gotten feedback from many of our customers that our shipping rates were a bit on the high side. Since then, it’s been high on our priority list to find lower-cost options that we could offer. This past year, an opportunity to move carriers presented itself and we took it!

Review on the BNC Adapter page

So now when our U.S. based customers (including Hawaii and Alaska) checkout, you will have a “Flat Rate Option, for 9.99” (that is almost half of what our ground shipping used to be!).

If you spend over $250, then flat rate shipping drops to $4.99.

And, If you spend over $500, then shipping is free!

What does flat rate shipping mean?

Flat rate shipping translates to standard rate shipping, 3-5 days. All orders will still come with a tracking number, which you can access in your Big Commerce Account.

What if I need my order faster than 3-5 days?

We recommend you going to one of our authorized distributors., and all have next day options. In the future, we plan on bringing online additional retailers.

What about International Customers?

There is no change to our International Customer process. Customers will still be able to select which shipping speed/price option is best for them.

We are excited to see how this transition goes. As being a part of a growing business, we are constantly looking for ways to improve. Thank you for your feedback and we are excited to see where this development takes us!



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