Introducing Richard Wall, Learn Module Creator Extraordinaire

With his work with Digilent available to view on Learn, and given that we’ll be featuring each of his projects, we’d like to introduce Richard Wall, a faculty member (soon to be emeritus!) at nearby University of Idaho.

Richard stopping by the Digilent offices.
Richard stopping by the Digilent offices.

Dr. Wall grew up in Pennsylvania, often working on electronic projects with his father.  He attended Penn State, afterwards joining the military.  After serving in the United States Air Force, he moved to Idaho in 1969 to work for Idaho Power. The University of Idaho had an outreach graduate program that he used to complete his course of study via videos.


After finishing his graduate degree, Dr. Wall was immediately hired on by University of Idaho to develop a microprocessor course, which he taught for twenty-five years. He designed his first embedded system in 1976.


Dr. Wall lives in Moscow, ID, with his wife. They have two grown children, one of whom took his microprocessor course in college (and now works in embedded design). He enjoys fishing, tying flies, and doing home automation projects with microcontrollers.


Over the last couple of years, we here at Digilent have had the pleasure of working with Richard Wall. We’re also excited for the new projects he’s working on involving WiFi, a weather station, and more (check out his chipKIT Pro Learn module)!

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