Introducing the DMM Shield!

Introducing the DMM Shield. The DMM shield wraps up the functionality of a Digital Multimeter, in the Arduino Shield form factor. For those with an Arty Z7-20 or uC32, the DMM Shield comes with ready to use libraries and demos for these FPGA and Microcontroller platforms, allowing the user to quickly add 7 measurement functions to designs. Out of the box, the DMM Shield and associated libraries provide AC and DC Voltage, AC and DC Current, Resistance, Diode, and Continuity measurements.

The DMM Shield is built around the Hycon Technology HY3131 DMM chip, and is factory calibrated to provide +-.01% accuracy in voltage measurements, current measurements, and most resistance measurements.

The Shield features 5 1/2 Digit DMM resolution and replaceable fuses for mA, and A protection. The Digital, Analog, and power Pins of the system board are broken out onto the Arduino Shield header on the top of the board, and the DMM data is communicated to the host board via a custom SPI protocol. The circuit under test can be connected via the 4 Banana Jacks on the right-hand side of the shield.

To learn more about the DMM Shield, make sure to check out the store page, and for libraries, demos and more information on accuracy and measurement ranges, check out the information on the resource center.

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