It’s a Leap Day Celebration!

While leap day may go unnoticed all too often by too many people, here at Digilent we love to celebrate any holiday with creative and inspiring projects. This year we decided to celebrate this special holiday with a quick and easy project that combines a common leap day theme with Digilent green and our handy sticker sheet.

Origami leaping frog (also know as "Swag Frog")
Origami leaping frog (also know as “Swag Frog”).

Every four years we have grown accustomed to adding a leap day to account for our Earth’s rotational rate and to keep our seasons just right (learn more here). Over time, the leap day name has become associated with frogs who work as unconventional mascots due to their “leaping” nature. To celebrate this holiday we were inspired by a helpful video guide to create our own version of an origami frog we later named “Swag Frog”.

New to origami, this video guided us through the creation of our very first leap year frog. Choosing to use thick green cardstock paper, we followed the video’s visual instructions to make the base for our leap year frog.

With the base design completed, we decided to give our leap year frog some Digilent inspired personality with our sticker sheet (found here), some lighter green paper accents, and of course some ever popular googly eyes! Starting with the green accents, we folded a piece of lighter paper in half and cut a triangle to match the back of our frog. A glue stick was then used to attach this back stripe to our frog before placing a Digilent sticker on top. Finally, as many projects require, we added three googly eyes with a hot glue gun for a unique expression, fun for the holiday occasion!

What you may need for your leap day frog.
What you may need for your leap day frog.

While our frog does not “leap” too well, due to the stiff cardstock used, we think it is an adorable project for all ages desiring to celebrate this holiday. Whether you choose to celebrate with us, we hope your leap day goes spectacularly and would love to hear about your leap day frog creations in the comments below!

Leap Day Frog

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