LED Graduation Hat

First of all, for all you students out there that have graduated or will graduate this spring, congratulations! Part of the fun of graduation is personalizing your graduation hat, and making sure your family can find you in the crowd.


I am a student here at WSU, but unfortunately I didn’t graduate this spring. However, my best friend graduated from WSU with a BS in Fashion Merchandising. Since I work at such a creative place, she asked me to help her do something cool with her graduation hat. Eventually, we decided on an LED high heel. So, using Marshall’s PICxel library I made an LED high heel outline that flashes red and white.



I used a microcontroller to drive the LEDs and added a switch and thin battery so she could easily turn it off and on during the ceremony. The controller and battery are all contained underneath the hat. I also made a graduation hat with the Digilent logo.

LED graduation hat with the Digilent logo.
LED graduation hat with the Digilent logo.

After I added the LEDs, Quinn personalized it with some craft supplies. At graduation, her family had no problem finding her in the crowd.

Quinn's final graduation hat.
Quinn holding her final graduation hat.

If you would like to learn how to make your own LED graduation hat, you can follow my tutorial and have the flashiest hat at graduation.

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