Let’s Get Clickable (on Instagram)

Let’s get clickable, clickable. We’re making Instagram clickable! Let’s get into clickable. Let us tell you what we changed, on Instagram. Let us tell you what’s improved.

In an attempt to make our Instagram more user friendly, with links that update as we post (and don’t get lost with a constantly changing bio), we’ve implemented a new static bio link that redirects to our Snapppt webpage.

The Digilent Snapppt webpage collects clickable Instagram posts as a landing page for helpful image-related resources!

Snapppt provides a way for us to upload multiple links on Instagram posts, allowing you to pick and choose between image-relevant links. Now, as we update our Instagram with current makerspace projects, new products, or popular blog posts, you will be provided with multiple links to help you find the resources you need! This website works on both desktop and mobile devices, with certain advantages for desktop users.

In the desktop-only version of Snapppt, users can find links that display products while hovering their mouse over the corresponding link number. This presents uses with a “quick view” option to learn a little more about the available product features.

After clicking on the Instagram image displayed on the Snapppt webpage, both desktop and mobile users are presented with a visual layout of the tagged links or products and their current prices (if applicable) on the Digilent website. Clicking the “buy” button then redirects users to the product page where you can find additional information and resources for that product. When the linked webpage is not product related (i.e. it links to a relevant blog post), users will still need to click the “buy” button to redirect to their desired destination (Note: clicking the buy button does not imply a purchase will be made, it is simply a redirect button).

To find the Digilent Snapppt webpage and image-related resources, all you have to do is click the link in Digilent’s Instagram bio (see image below) and redirect to the Snapppt webpage! Here you will find a current list of images with resources linked to help you on whatever projects catch your eye.

Let us know what you think about our new clickable Instagram system in the comments below, or send us a direct message on Instagram! Don’t forget to follow Digilent on social media to hear about upcoming products and promotions (find our social sites here).

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  1. Wow, that’s a pretty cool feature that Snapppt has! I really like the fact that I can hover over part of the image and learn relevant details about what I’m seeing; that’s super cool.

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