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Are you ever in the mood to create or build a project but have no idea where to start? Are you out of ideas or experiencing some form of creativity block? Maybe it’s time to try mixing things up. Let’s try some different ways to get creative and help you move past you mental block.

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One of the best ways to help is to look at your surroundings. This is one of the best ways to get ideas because you can use visuals to help the ideas flow. Is there anything around your home or work space that isn’t being used? There is always something lying around that is waiting to be upgraded or hacked. Just take a couple moments to look around and see what you can use.


Another way to generate ideas is to gather the supplies you have. It’s best to see what you have to work with before starting a project. If you have a list of what you can use you can make some defined limits for what you want your project to have. Of course, you can always go get more resource but it’s best to have to see what you have first. Remember, you can also use parts from other objects.


A different way to come up with ideas is look at past projects. No project or idea is perfect, and everything can use some tweaking. There is always a way to improve a project that is already done. You can try doing the same project but trying it a different way. Start from a different perspective or mix up how you made it.


Try being innovative! Take an old project and make it new and different. A concept can be repurposed over and over again but for new purposes. If you find that there is already a project made for your idea try to find a way to spin it. For example, you find that someone has recently made a guitar that lights up when played. You also had this idea but you don’t want to copy their idea or scrap the idea. You decide to be innovative and take the same concept of a light-up instrument and apply it to a drum set. That’s one way of many to innovate an idea.

One of the biggest ways to help is to just take a break. Go for a walk, or go relax in the sun, or just do nothing for a bit. There’s no point in trying to force your brain to come up with ideas. If the pipe is clogged there’s not going to be any flow. Just take it easy for a bit. You can always ask others to help brain storm with you. Getting feedback or bouncing ideas off each other will usually get those creative juices flowing. All you have to do is give it some time.

There are numerous ways to get your idea maker buzzing. Maybe you have something that works better than what has been listed. Perhaps you find it better to list everything you think of on some paper and rearrange your thoughts later. Whatever helps you get your ideas flowing is fantastic. On the chance that your idea generation isn’t working, give some of these a shot. Let us know if one of these helps you get through your mental block or if you have an even better way of coming up with ideas.

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  1. Nice post Bobby, it’s a good reminder to sometimes STOP looking at the problem and take a break/walk around 🙂

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