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Many of you are starting to realize that school is around the corner or it has already started. One of the biggest problems with school is getting back into the swing of it after summer. Starting up that studious attitude can be hard and often students have a lack of motivation for such attitudes. Let’s take a look at how to jump start your brain to get into a more studious mind set.

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One of first things you should do is introduce yourself to your professors. It is important to ask what you can do to succeed in their class and what extra material you can look through to learn more. Professors will remember those that took time to meet them and ask about their class. They will be more likely to help you out more and provide better advice.

Taken from Tiger Bookstore
Taken from Tiger Bookstore.

Try to find a good group to study with and do homework with. These groups will help keep you on track and focused on your work. Make sure they are in your classes and will be on track with what you’re doing.


It’s also recommended that you don’t always study with your group. It’s always good to know what you’re doing on your own.

Try to stay away from your room when doing homework. More importantly, don’t do any work on your bed. Your brain has associated your bed with sleep so you may not be getting best results from studying at your bed. Instead of using your bed as a work place try using a table or desk.


There is some psychology behind studying at a desk instead of a bed. Your brain has a physical memory aspect to it so if you work on a soft comfy bed then you might not remember as much as you want when taking a test at a solid desk. Find a place that is quiet and not distracting so that you can focus to the best of your ability.


Before classes start, take a look at the material for your class. Look through your text book to get a general understanding of your class. You don’t have to read the whole book just read enough to get a jest of what you will be learning throughout that class. Having a general knowledge of what you learning about well be very beneficial to you overall.

One of the last things to do to start being studious is stay on top of things. The beginning of a semester is often slow and not busy so you may slack off a bit. Try to get a jump start on the weeks to come during this period.


If we fall behind by too much early, we don’t have the firepower to come back and win. ~Marc Brewe

It will help in the long run so you’re not trying to cram two weeks’ worth of work in one week. Just  take some time to study a little each night, start on that homework early, or do some extra reading and you will be well on top of your work.

These are just a couple things you can be doing to help yourself be a studious student. These don’t always help everyone. Other people will have different ways to get focused with school. If something else helps you get ready to focus then use that and let us know what it is. Good luck with school out there and have a good semester. Stay on top of it!

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