Licensing Troubleshooting

With each new semester comes a new class of students fresh to the world of digital logic. These new students will attempt to apply what they learned in these classes in various ways, which may include using an FPGA and an accompanying IDE such as Vivado or ISE from Xilinx. When these students begin their projects they should expect to encounter significant challenges, but one of them shouldn’t be getting the tools to work in the first place! In this post you will be provided with some resources that should help you in setting up ISE or Vivado, should you encounter issues with licensing.

The Xilinx license manager has had a history of quirkiness when a user has installed and is trying to run the ISE Webpack in the Windows 8 environment. If you find yourself in a similar position, here are a couple links to sources that have developed a workaround to the incompatibility.

Sometimes some general trouble shooting can provide you with a resolution to your licensing issues. If you find yourself feeling antisocial and have some time to spend reading, you can find the Xilinx guide for ISE installation and licensing here. As always, a resolution to the problem may be as simple as using your friendly neighborhood search engine or turning to the Xilinx or Digilent forums to ask for help.

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