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For a limited time, there is Free Shipping for our U.S. based Customers!

Have you been wanting to try out our new products? Now is the time! Check out some of our latest and greatest products below!

Breadboard Adapter for Analog Discovery! – 

Though ideal for rapidly prototyping circuits as well as a plethora of other uses, the Analog Discovery 2 can be frustrating when it comes to managing all 30 flywires. Fortunately that is where the Breadboard Adapter come in!

Zybo Z7- Updated Zybo with a Camera Connector!

The latest update to our popular Zybo board, the Zybo Z7 offers several design improvements to keep the Zybo namesake current!

Pmod CAN- for CAN bus communications! 

Get started with the Controller Area Network (CAN) communication protocol with the Pmod CAN! Using the Microchip MCP25625 this Pmod can establish CAN communication with a variety of devices.


Or if you have been looking at Power Bricks? You can get all of them at a discount + free shipping! 

The PowerBRICKs are modules that can supply either 3.3V, 5V, 9V or 12V to your circuit from USB.


No matter which products you choose, we hope you take advantage of the savings!

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