Making a (Turbo!) Cookie Cutter in Tinkercad

We’ve been doing a lot with 3D printing around the office lately. Kaitlyn has been using Tinkercad primarily for making robot parts for the Digilent MRK and SRK, but she obviously didn’t start with a project on that level. To begin, she decided to make something simpler to get used to Tinkercad’s basic functionality.  A cookie cutter seemed like a good place to start, so Turbo (our MakerSpace mascot) lent his likeness to it.

A complete Turbo cookie cutter.
A complete Turbo cookie cutter.

Kaitlyn’s Instructable discusses how to make a cookie cutter from SVG files, which is convenient since you can use whatever 2D design software you like best to make more complicated shapes. (These particular SVG  files were created in Illustrator.) To make a cookie cutter, you will need the background shape, the cutting shape, and the indentation shape.

You will have to scale and import files, layering and cutting before you end up with a final product. Once you finish up with your 3D printed cookie cutter, start thinking on your next 3D printing project — and of course, make some cookies.



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