Making Our Mark- Promoting the Digilent Design Contest

You might remember the Digilent Design Contest promotion from last year, when we chalked the Contest Logo  on campus:

Promoting the Digilent Contest is Fun… And Cold!

Oh well, the event was successful, so we decided to repeat the prank this year!

We called the operation Chalk Drawing Reloaded. Fortunately, unlike last year the weather was our friend. It was a real pleasure not to feel our hands freezing while drawing. We followed the same steps as before:

We started by preparing the template:

Then we prepared the location and began the work:

We decided to play a little with the colors, and the result turned out very nicely:

The hard working team:

We hope the students enjoy having more colorful alleys around the campus, and are inspired to check out the 2018 Digilent Design Contest!

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