Mapping the DP32

Riddle me this:

Call me a dip, I’m actually quite smart. There are too many pins that lead to my heart. To tell what they say, you’ll need a guide; to show you the treasures that I’ve got inside. What am I?


chipKIT DP32-box-2000

Okay, so I’m no Riddler. That one’s too easy.

The answer’s got to be the DP32! The “DP” in DP32 is short for “DIP”, which refers to how it uses a DIP microcontroller for it’s brain. However, as anybody who has used the DP32 can attest, it’s a surprisingly powerful little board. And in reference to my opening riddle, since DP32 only has 18 output pins, how can there be “too many”?

The truth is that the DP32 manages to cram a whole lot of signals and hardware functions onto those 18 pins, and it can easily get confusing trying to keep track of which pins do what. If you need help you can always use the DP32’s reference manual, which covers all the DP32’s functions and which pins you can find them on… but that’s not always the most convenient.

I use the DP32 quite a lot and I often need to remember little things, like which interrupts are on which pins, or where I can find an analog signal. I don’t want to spend time flipping through the reference manual each time. And if I want to make sure two of my signals don’t overlap, it’s nice to have everything in one place. That’s why I created the DP32 Pin Diagram!

Super useful!

This handy reference sheet is an update from the one that is currently up on the DP32’s reference manual wiki, and includes a couple more signals. In the near future, I plan to do an update of my older WF32 pin diagram as well.

“Holy useful reference!” you exclaim. “But what about the rest of the chipKIT boards?” Fear not… I’ll be creating brand new pin diagrams for those as well, so keep an eye out for those on the Digilent blog!

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One Comment on “Mapping the DP32”

  1. I’m super excited to see all these pin diagrams! No more flipping around through various reference manuals.

    This is much needed and great work that you’re doing.

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