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As Digilent has been expanding its MakerSpace, we felt that the area that the Marketing team was working in was not terribly conducive towards promoting and growing the MakerSpace. In reality, cubicles don’t tend to be conducive towards anything classy, but that’s beside the point. The point today is that the new Marketing area has become classy in a “MakerSpace” fashion and that we’re super excited about it.


You may recall that in the early days of the Digilent Blog, a photo that showed a series of not-so-fabulous cubicles proclaiming it as the Future Home of the Digilent MakerSpace.


The old marketing area that we were working in.
The old marketing area that we were working in.

While this did not become the MakerSpace (we have Mega Super Awesome PVC Tables and a giant blackboard instead), it did become the brand new marketing area.

The brand new Marketing Area
The aforementioned brand new marketing area.

We got a collection of desks and some appropriate backs for them from IKEA and have settled down into them nicely. They may not be as spacious as the cubicles were, but these are undeniably far more professional and visually appealing than what we had before, allowing more open collaboration within the marketing team. We even put a coat of chalkboard paint on the backs of the desks so that we are able to personalize our own desk. Check it out!

Check back soon for more updates about the MakerSpace!

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