Mechanical Engineering Labs and the Basys MX3

Today we are going to highlight some labs created by Dr. Greg Mason for ASEE 2018 workshop. The labs use the Digilent Basys MX3, and cover the basics of using the platform. They also cover freeRTOS and how the hardware and software can be used in a Mechanical Engineering data acquisition and instrumentation courses.

The author is Greg Mason, a Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Seattle University. He teaches control systems, instrumentation, and numerical methods courses.

According to the author:

The workshop highlights four labs from a mechanical engineering course: multitasking and timing; experimentally determining the convective heat transfer coefficient of a sphere; measuring fundamental frequency of a vibrating beam; and implementing feedback control with a servomotor and encoder. Each lab is discussed in detail with respect to its learning objectives and required hardware. The workshop includes a set of hands on activities, using a Basys MX3 board and freeRTOS, that are related to these labs.

This material is available on the website.

So make sure to check out the labs as well as other great reference material on the Digilent wiki!

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