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If you are a frequent visitor of the Blog, Forum, YouTube or any of our other sites, you may have noticed a mysterious username known as Digilent Studio. Well, as you may have guessed, Digilent Studio is actually the Digilent Video Team! The Digilent Video team makes all of the videos on our Youtube. As you can imagine, it takes a village to make professional, clean and entertaining videos. It requires someone to help write and edit the scripts, someone to shoot the footage, someone to spend hours editing out the footage of me laughing and James forgetting his lines, someone to ensure the consistency of the videos, someone to get just the right lighting, someone to make sure the sound is on, and someone to add special effects when needed.

Well, I decided it was time to pull back the curtain and show everyone the amazing people behind the camera. It’s good to change it up every once in a while.

Script Writer/Editor:


“As the primary writer involved in video creation, I am responsible for writing most of the video scripts used for our videos (at least in part). Whether or not a particular script was written by me, I am also heavily involved in the editing process to prepare the material for filming. It is a fun job because I get to be creative and work with people throughout the company. We work very hard to make sure all of the information in our videos is accurate and relevant to our community.”



“Whenever Digilent makes a video, I am in charge of making sure the look and feel of that video is consistent with Digilent’s aesthetic as a whole. However, that is fairly straight-forward, since we have been doing this for quite a few years now and have established systems to maintain consistency. When we are actually filming, my job is primarily to work with the talent and make sure that they are comfortable and deliver a strong performance.”

Line Producer:

Line Producer

“I am the person on the line to ensure our videos meet the standards that the rest of the company expects. I approve scripts, manage the calendar, coordinate logistics, and balance the production of videos we think will be valuable with the ones we think will be fun. It is a very rewarding position, as I am the driving force which brings our video projects from concept all the way through to publication.”

Film Editor:

Film Editor 2

“When the film crew completes a shoot, they bring me the raw media files. I take those files, import them, catalog and archive them, and then cut them together with the editing software. I work closely with the writers and the editor to make sure the edited video contains all of the required pieces. Some projects cut together very quickly, but some projects take longer. If there is a lot of footage to sift through, a video can take days to edit. It can be grueling, but I enjoy it!”

Sound Designer:

Sound Designer

“During a shoot I basically act as a gaffer, making sure all of the mics and audio recording equipment have fresh batteries, and then pushing the record button whenever the director says ‘action’ or ‘cut.’ However, when the editor is done cutting the video together, I get to go in and balance all of the audio tracks, which is pretty fun.”

Lighting Technician:

Lighting Technician

“I am the first person on set before a shoot. I get to set up all of the lights and lighting equipment. Once the talent and cameraman arrive, I have to adjust the lights to make sure the talent looks their best.”

Camera Operator:

Camera Operator

“Pretty self-explanatory. When we are filming a video, well it isn’t really filming since there is no film, but that is the common vernacular. When we are shooting, I operate the cameras.”

Special Effects Supervisor:

Special Effects Supervisor 2

“I am not a supervisor, I am a super-human. I do all of the post-production effects on Digilent’s videos. I create the text elements, the intro sequences, the screen capture elements, the watermarks and the color grading. I do all of it!”

The video team all together:

group photo 3

Now that you’ve met the whole team go to the Digilent Youtube and check out some of the product videos, project videos, announcement videos, and more!

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  1. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something about seeing all these people on the Digilent Video Team gives me a sense of deja vu…

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