Meet the Distributors: Electronix Express

While many of our readers may have heard little snippets here and there about Digilent Distributors, for some time now we have been eager to dive a little deeper into our industry partnerships. In a new series called “Meet the Distributors” we will announce up-and-coming distributors, longstanding and valued distribution partners, as well as spotlight distributors who have helped Digilent become who we are today! After recently announcing the award for Distributor of the Year 2016, we decided to switch directions and introduce one of our newest distributors, Electronix Express (a division of RSR Electronics, Inc.), to begin this series.

We are therefore pleased to announce that you can now find Digilent products with Electronix Express, our newest catalog distributor for North American customers. Electronix Express focuses primarily in offline marketing with a quarterly released catalog filled to the brim with exciting electronics products. Catalog offerings include a variety of academic products, with Electronix Express having served schools, colleges, and industries for over 30 years!

One really exciting feature of Elextronix Express is their custom kitting service. Customers can work with Electronix Express to create a single part number and an “easy-access page” to view their kit components. This may help professors who wish to use multiple Digilent products in their classroom and desire a single ordering option for students.

Currently, you can find a number of Digilent’s academic products online or through Electronix Express’ physical catalog, but keep an eye out for future additions. Whether you’re looking for the perfect instrumentation solution or an FPGA trainer board for ECE students, Digilent and Electronix Express have you covered! Find many of our academic solutions at Electronix Express (Pages 73 – 76) in Catalog #57.

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