Microchip Masters – Easy Networking

On August 20th, Microchip will be holding the Microchip Masters Conference in Phoenix, AZ. We are extremely proud that one of our own, Keith Vogel, will be holding a class there. Last Friday at our MakerSpace, we had a dry run of his class for Digilent employees and a community guest.

Keith’s Microchip Masters Class dry run in the Digilent classroom.

Keith’s class is 18020 EWN:  Easy Wireless Networking Using the Arduino™-Compatible chipKIT™ Platform. This class covers all of the basics of how the internet works. It covers wireless networking using the chipKIT platform, wireless networking using the chipKIT MPIDE network library and an HTTP server application. The Masters Conference is a chance for engineers to teach other engineers. There are over 100 classes this year covering a wide range of topics. For more information on the Microchip Masters Conference, click here.


For more information on our MakerSpace check out this video. This week we will be starting a class on 3D printing.

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