My Favorite Digilent Board

I’ve spent most of my time with the chipKIT WF32 so when I heard that I could do all of my projects with an even more powerful board, I was ecstatic.  The chipKIT Wi-FIRE was fantastic coming from the chipKIT WF32 because it not only uses the same 43 I/O channels and 12 analog inputs but also includes the other fantastic features of the WF32 like the micro SD Card slot, on-board wireless module, and high efficiency 3.3 V switching power supply for low-power operation.  This allowed me to easily transfer my knowledge of the WF32 to a board that boasts a 200 MHz operation speed, 2 MB of flash, 512 kB of RAM, high speed USB, and a 50 MHz SPI clock. Due to this significant increase in speed and the on-board wireless module, the chipKIT Wi-FIRE is also perfect for cloud-connected projects and home automation!  If you’re looking for a powerful board with robust features, look no further because the chipKIT Wi-FIRE is exactly what you need.

As some of you may know, I work primarily with LabVIEW and LabVIEW MakerHub LINX which allows you to interact with your microcontrollers via LabVIEW.  With the Wi-FIRE in hand, I decided to port the LINX firmware to it so I could enjoy the benefits of a more powerful board as well as the benefits of LabVIEW. The firmware that I ported includes support for a USB serial connection and WiFi and should be released in the next version of LINX within a month or so. If you’re aching for an unofficial version of the firmware so that you can use your Wi-FIRE with LabVIEW now, feel free to post a comment.


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