My Favorite Digilent Product, the Uno32

When I started working at Digilent as a technical writer in 2012, I had no background in electronics or engineering. I spent my first couple of weeks here learning basics of electronics so that I could better write about what we do. I was handed an Analog Discovery and a chipKIT Uno32 to use and do some basic projects. Since it was one of the first Digilent products I used, it holds a special place in my esteem.

The chipKIT Uno32.
The chipKIT Uno32.

The Uno32 is based on the popular Arduino open-source hardware prototyping platform but adds the performance of the Microchip PIC32 microcontroller. It can be USB-powered or powered by external power supply.  The Uno32 can be programmed using MPIDE, which is a free programming environment available for download here.


There is also an entire Learn series about microcontrollers using the Uno32 (I actually wrote the first project, the Getting Started with MPIDE Guide). It covers everything from basic programming to much more advanced projects you could do with the Uno32 (or any other microcontroller, like the Max32 or DP32).


In addition to the projects available on the Learn site, there are plenty more you could do — or come up with! It’s fun seeing what people outside of Digilent have done with the Uno32, like this video by YouTube user Submission22, who uses it to control the settings for a Samsung SCB2000 camera.

So that’s my favorite Digilent product — what’s yours? Share your projects with us here or on our forum!

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