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As I am sure many hackers, hobbyists, and tinkerers can agree, writing a program and seeing the results can be a fun experience. What I find particularly fun, though, is when I can apply programming and designing into something mobile, which is why my pick for my favorite Digilent product is the Motor Robot Kit.

The MRK comes with everything you need to create a basic robot platform, from which you can expand the functionality of the robot with the large number of I/O pins available on the chipKIT Pro MX4 microcontroller board included in the kit. The flexibility of the platform is what I find most appealing about it, as you can incorporate line-following functionality with the PmodLS1 and IROS sensors, object detection with the PmodMAXSONAR, or just have it set a standard path in the living room to annoy your roommate’s cat.

With the wide range of Pmods available you can pretty much configure the robot to react to any kind of input you are able to capture, making this a great learning platform as well as a potentially pretty fun little kit. If you have any fun project ideas or are looking for some inspiration, head over to the Digilent forums!

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