National Trivia Day

It may be after New Years, but the holidays are not quite over… as January 4th is National Trivia Day! To celebrate, we invite you to participate in our suddenly-annual Trivia Quiz!

So get ready to test your knowledge in the illustrious field electronics and Digilent. To start the quiz, simply click the image below and put your skills to the test.


Additionally, if you share your score on social media and shout out Digilent, you have a chance to win both a shout out on the blog as well as a chipKIT Max32!

chipKIT Max32.

Official contest rules are as follows:

  1. Participate
  2. Share score on social media
  3. Be one of the first 3 participants to complete steps 1 and 2

As detailed above, we will take the top three scores as our winners. If there are more than 3 equally high scores we will favor those who submitted their scores early. And feel free to share your own electronics trivia questions in the comments below!

If you have any questions of your own regarding electronics, please feel free to quiz our Forum! And whether you are a electronics beginner or expert, make sure to follow Circuit Thursday for more opportunities to hone and demonstrate your skills.

The latest Circuit Thursday.

We are excited to see how you guys do, so go ahead and get started… and good luck!

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