New Digilent Flickr Account Online

Greetings, all! I’m happy to announce the release of the new Digilent Flickr account. This Flickr account will host all of the most recent product photos in an array of angles as they are finished. New product photos will be uploaded weekly and are available for free download.

You can download Digilent pictures from Flickr!
You can download Digilent pictures from Flickr!

Check it out now!

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My life is lived on a screen. Whether that be product photography, watching movies, or gaming online, I live my life one pixel at a time. I also love playing table top games, card games and board games with my friends and laughing. I believe that the world needs more laughter. I appreciate the beauty in robotics, programming boards and anything engineering and love capturing that beauty in photographs and sharing them with our customers. My wife has told me I have code in my blood and will have that passion till the day I die.

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