New Product Alert — the Arty Board Is Here!


The Arty board is here and is for sale! It’s a development platform designed around the Artix-7™ FPGA from Xilinx designed specifically for use as a MicroBlaze Soft Processing System.

Arty is a flexible processing platform, in fact one of the most flexible ones available in your FPGA arsenal. It’s capable of adapting to whatever you need for your project, since it isn’t bound to a single set of processing peripherals. “One moment it’s a communication powerhouse chock-full of UARTs, SPIs, IICs, and an Ethernet MAC, and the next it’s a meticulous timekeeper with a dozen 32-bit timers.” The Arty board is compatible with Arduino R3 headers and Pmod headers, providing a ton of additional functionality and expansion possibilities.

The Arty package includes the board itself, Digilent cardboard packaging with protective foam, and finally a free license for Vivado Design Suite. It’s available for $99.

Check out this versatile board and add it to your FPGA collection today!

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