New Product Announcement: Analog Discovery Ribbon Cable

We’ve been receiving feedback from customers that sometimes it can be inconvenient to plug in each and every flywire on the Analog Discovery 2 or Analog Discovery Original, when, in the end you want to be able to plug in all of the cables into another 2×15 connector. For example, say you’d like to use an adapter in a different position than the connector allows, or you’d like to mount the adapter slightly farther away from your Analog Discovery. To provide a solution, I’m excited to announce the Analog Discovery Ribbon Cable.

The Analog Discovery Ribbon cable has one keyed 2×15 female connector on one end, and a 2×15 female connector on the other end. In between are the 30 color coded wires that you are probably used to seeing on the flywires. This allows you to connect the Oscilloscope Channels, Waveform Generator Channels, grounds, and Digital Inputs and Outputs into another 2×15 connector withough having to individually connect all 30 wires.

This is especially useful when using the Analog Discovery to scope the various pins available through the 2×15 header on the Basys MX3.

It also can be used to extend an Adapter away from the Analog Discovery in the event that you need to.

More information on the Analog Discovery Ribbon Cable can be found on it’s store page.

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