New Product: DMC 60 Motor Controller

Cheap First robotics motor controller

If you follow the Robotics scene, last Friday was the 2017 FIRST Robotics Kick Off!

And to celebrate, we are announcing our newest Motor Controller Product, the DMC 60!

The DMC 60, or Digital Motor Controller (60 Amps), was created to be a drop in replacement for the FIRST Robotics Victor SP motor controller. It includes PWM communication, a sealed, ruggedized aluminium case that fits the FIRST Robotics form factor, and integrated thermal sensing and protection.

Straight out of the box, the DMC 60 is ready to wire into your FRC platform!

The motor controller is designed to work with high torque motors that are used to move the metal chassis you find at FRC competitions (some weigh upwards of 100lbs!).

Wired up and ready to go (these DMC 60’s were spray painted silver to match the chassis)

Take a look at the specs:


  • Sealed, ruggedized, and compact aluminum case
  • Tie-wrap and through-bolt mounting – drop-in replacement for Victor SP controller
  • Four multi-color LED indicators frequency to indicate speed, direction, and status for easier debugging
  • Brake/Coast Calibration button enables one-touch setting changes and calibration
  • Large gauge input/output cables with flexible silicone insulation
  • Integrated thermal sensing and protection – current-foldback to prevent overheating and damage
  • 15.625 kHz output switching frequency ensures smooth and precise motor control

Electrical Features:

  • Dimensions: 2.76″ x 1.18″ x 1.00″
  • Weight: 0.245 lb (including wiring)
  • Wire gauge: 12 AWG
  • Input voltage: 6-28V
  • Continuous current: 60A*
  • Peak current (2 sec): 100A
  • PWM input pulse (high time): 1-2 ms nominal, 0.6-2.4 ms max
  • PWM input rate (period): 2.9-100 ms
  • PWM output chop rate (switching frequency): 15.625 kHz
  • Minimum throttle (deadband): 4%

*at 25°C when mounted to aluminum frame member

There is also access to a debugging JTAG port that allows you to reprogram the microcontroller inside of the DMC60.

Exposing the programming port for access

We are really excited about this product, and cannot wait to see its applications in the robotics scene!

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