New Product: LabVIEW Physical Computing Kit

We have a new product, and it’s terribly exciting! We’d like to welcome the LabVIEW Physical Computing Kit to our lineup. As we’ve mentioned before, LabVIEW is a graphical programming platform used for data acquisition and analysis, instrument control, prototyping and more. The LabVIEW Home Bundle makes this affordable for makers and students. What if you want to bring this portability and functionality to fruition in the physical world, though? That’s where the LabVIEW Physical Computing Kit comes in.


The Physical Computing Kit can be purchased for $89 and includes LabVIEW Home Bundle (included in price, can be removed when added to cart),chipKIT WF32 microcontroller board, a handy project box with a sticker sheet, and a USB cable. The chipKIT WF32 was selected for its extensive onboard options, which include a WiFi module that lets you communicate with wireless devices, a microSD card for data storage and reading, and much, much more! Essentially, this kit provides everything you need to experiment and work on your projects without using a breadboard. 


Check out the LabVIEW Physical Computing Kit and show us your projects! To get started, we recommend heading over to LabVIEW MakerHub for a couple of tutorials (an introduction to LabVIEW’s interface and another that is geared specifically toward the Physical Computing Kit).


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