New Video: Digilent Forum Tips, Tricks and Best Practices!

Hello and welcome back to the Digilent Blog!

As you may have noticed, we have just recently published a new video on our YouTube channel! In this video, James and Kaitlyn talk through some pointers to help users on our forum get fast and effective answers to their questions.



We had a lot of fun shooting this video, The first step in the creative process was to talk to the forum moderators to figure out what issues they would like to see addressed in a video. This blog post by Kaitlyn was very helpful when it came to writing the script, and almost all of the information in the video came directly from her first person expertise.

Once the script was finished, we marched into the studio (always an uncomfortable place for us nerds), and spent a couple hours stumbling through lines and giggling at each other. Ultimately, we made it through the whole script and passed the footage off to the video editor to piece it all together and add some visual pizzazz.

We are happy with the final product and hope the video proves helpful to the community, so feel free to check out! And if you have a chance, please make your way over to the Digilent Forum to explore for yourself, and get real-time help with your questions and projects.


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