NI myDAQ now available on the Digilent Store!

Please join us in welcoming the NI myDAQ into the ranks of our Scopes, Instruments & Circuits category of our store!

Ni MYDAQ for Digilent

The NI myDAQ comes in two versions:

The main difference between the two versions is the included software. The first version includes a copy of Multisim that is valid for 30 days only. The second version includes a full copy of Multisim Student Edition. Both versions have an academic price specific for students.

inside of the myDAQ

Included in the box is the myDAQ scope, Multisim Software, USB Cable, probes, MSP Connector and screwdriver.

We suggest the myDAQ to be paired with the myProtoboard and the TI myParts kit. Together, with the free, systems and experiments book available from TI and NI, you can cover a lot of ground in Analog Circuits!

Visit the TI University Program page for more information on the supported course material.
Visit the TI University Program page for more information on the supported course material.

For a limited time: we are offering $10 off the myProto, or if you are wanting a larger breadboard, the myDigital to anyone who buys the myDAQ from our site.

So go and check out the myDAQ, and tell us what you think!

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  1. This is a really cool offer from Digilent. I’ve used Multisim Simulation software in a lot of my classes, it’s really good and the Student Edition has everything you would need in the course of learning. Bundling it with the NI myDAQ is an excellent idea!

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