NI Week 2015, Here We Come!

Right now the Digilent offices are abuzz with activity as we prepare to head to NI Week 2015! Marketing is a madhouse of busyness as we pack our demos (and suitcases). As part of the NI family, Digilent is excited to continue sharing the common goal to make, learn, and teach electronics.


We’re especially excited to showcase¬†our new NI products. Last year we showed off the new myRIO boards and expansions. This time, we have even more fun products to share. The High Current Adapter for the myRIO ties in nicely with last year’s range of adapters. The Cmod S6 is now capable of running Multisim. Perhaps our most exciting new additions is our collaboration with LabVIEW MakerHub, the LabVIEW Home Bundle (along with this, we also have the LabVIEW Physical Computing Kit).

The Physical Computing Kit, minus the LabVIEW code packet.
The Physical Computing Kit, minus the LabVIEW code packet.

If you’re in Austin for NI Week, stop by our booth! We’ll have some fantastic¬†demos we’ll be showing off. These include the jousting robots, which we’ve written about already here and here, the plug-and-play Pmods, and the game of Snake. We’ve added a new feature to the Snake game — it now tracks scores. We’ll also have a lot of giveaways (for example, if you get the highest score in the aforementioned Snake), including all of the products needed to recreate the demos.

Stay tuned for more NI Week posts over the next couple of weeks. We can’t wait to share everything we’re learning and sharing!



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