NI Week: The Expo Floor (and Other Cool Things)

One of the most exciting parts of NI Week was the Exhibit Hall. There were a ton of booths that one could check out, and most had a demo showcasing what their products did.


Expo Hall Floor
Expo hall floor.

Just to give you a scale of the actual size of the Expo Floor, booth 203 and 103 were 20’x20′. Needless to say, it was pretty exciting to see so many people all showing off what they can do. The big circle (3020 sq. ft) in the middle was the “LabVIEW Zone” which was filled with demos, all created by NI and powered by LabVIEW. We’re gonna focus mostly on the LabVIEW Zone, but I took some videos of other honorable mentions.

Here’s a video of an robotic arm with a camera in his hand holding and inserting a CD to demonstrate precision, which was pretty cool. (Powered by Kuka Robotics).

James and Dharsan learning
James and Dharsan engrossed in learning.

Here James and Dharsan are at the Bloomy booth learning about automated testing and data acquisition.

Now we’re getting into the LabVIEW Zone. These demos focused on the power of LabVIEW.

Flying Dart Board
Flying dart board.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the Flying Dart Board in action, but was given a description and it sounded pretty exciting! The general idea behind the Flying Dart Board is to devise as system where any dart shot (via NERF gun) will hit the target. The target can be seen at the bottom of the “target zone”, and if you look carefully, you’ll see two metal beams connecting it to two motors. Proximity sensors are near the front of the demo, which can determine the location of the dart in their range of vision. Then the target moves to the X and Y values that are determined by the processing unit, ideally positioning itself to where the dart will end up.

Copter and Design Screen
Copter and design screen.

This demo’s title was “Augment Your PC with Programmable FPGAs”. This particular demo was about controlling the motors on the toy helicopter by using the joystick connected to the computer. While the video below is mostly just about the joystick and the helicopter, the demo handler is also giving a brief description about what LabVIEW is doing to control everything.

The last big demo that I saw was the LabVIEW Home Automation Demo. This was such a remarkable demo, I wrote an entire separate blog post about it. Just as a teaser though, check out the video below (that’s just part of the demo!).

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