NIWeek 2015: LabVIEW Home Automation Demo with the chipKIT WF32

During NIWeek EXPO, a ton of people came to show off the power of LabVIEW! My favorite demo was the LabVIEW Home Automation Demo. This demo used the chipKIT to communicate, and consisted of a few smaller demos; the Tea Stand, LED table, and the variable lighting. If you check out the picture below, you can get the gist of the LabVIEW Home Automation setup.

LabVIEW Home Automation Demo
LabVIEW Home Automation demo.

Tea Stand

The Tea Stand has two unique features.
First, the Stand will display temperature of the teapot and give you a percentage of “fullness”, and display it on the television screen!
Second, by putting the tea-box onto the stand, it will display what kind of tea the box contains.


Teapot Demo
Teapot demo.


Coffee Table

The coffee table was designed to communicate with your cell phone. Whenever your phone receives a text message, the WF32 would change the coffee table lights to green. If your phone received a call, it will turn red.

Smart Coffee Table
Smart coffee table.


Another cool portion of the LabVIEW Home Automation Demo was the mood lighting changer. With the Leap Motion tool, you can change hue of lighting with just your fingers!

If you thought this demo was cool, check out the LabVIEW maker hub!


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