OpenScope MZ Case Launch!

We are excited to announce the release of our new Acrylic Case for the OpenScope MZ! Due to the OpenScope’s flexibility and WiFi connectivity, it is designed to be taken “on the go” and therefore can be subject to a variety of bumps and bruises. In order to protect your valued instrumentation, we have designed and released a line of cases that can be either printed on a 3D printer,  cut on a laser cutter, or bought right from our store!

As mentioned above, with its small form factor, and mobile or browser based software toolset, WaveForms Live, the OpenScope MZ is a perfect travel companion. But being caught the bottom of bags and the general wear and tear associated with any engineering adventure can take a toll on the tiny device. So in order to protect the future of your investment, make sure to get your hands on a case!


The design files can also be used for material other than acrylic, so feel free to get creative with your casing and share with us on social media!

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