We are so excited to announce, after months of preparation and a few years of development…  our OpenScope Kickstarter has arrived!

Now you may be asking yourself… Why would we do a Kickstarter?

Kickstarter was a way that we could find out who our motivated audience was, quickly. We could do a pre-release of the software, get feedback and use the information through the Kickstarter to bring data back to the priority list. We would be able to know what features needed to be prioritized vs were “nice to have”, and we would reach a group of people that Digilent hasn’t reached before.

Digilent Kick Starter

The product itself, OpenScope, is a completely new and different project for Digilent. To start it is an Open Sourced project, and we want to invite people to develop add-ons to the hardware and the software (none of the Digilent instrumentation to date has the ability to change the firmware or the software). We are hoping that people who use OpenScope will take it into low-income classrooms, innovate the hardware and keep using Waveforms Live (the software for OpenScope) to connect to new and different hardware.

So how is the campaign going?

Well, we launched on Feb 01… and in under 24 hours we hit our $10,000 goal!

Which is incredible. We are so lucky to have such a supportive community and we cannot thank you guys enough for getting us to our goal. But where does that leave us?

Well first , we have over 27 more days left! 27 more days that the OpenScope will be available to back!


So head over to the Kickstarter, learn all about the OpenScope, and see if you want to get in on the action! We have rewards ranging from buying our team a coffee to getting an in-person training event.

Check it out and remember,  “By backing OpenScope, you are supporting our vision to demystify electronics and make instrumentation accessible.”

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