Paper Electronics at the Digilent MakerSpace!




Jie Qi, a Ph.D. student at the MIT Media Lab, created several free tutorials to introduce people to paper circuits. It was a perfect first workshop for our MakerSpace to host!

Engineering Interns at the Digilent MakerSpace learning Paper Circuits
Engineering interns at the Digilent MakerSpace learning paper circuits.


Starting with a simple LED circuit, we introduced the basics of using copper tape for circuits.

Paper Circuits- Lesson-1-Simple-Circuits
Teaching turns and curves in copper.

Then we covered how to make a paper switch. 

Using a paperswitch to make a LED Lamp
Using a paper switch to make an LED lamp.

Then, we did the “Flickering LED”, which was a modification of the switch (putting multiple switches in place).

Digilent MakerSpace- Paper Circuits
Getting to work on the “Flickering LED” tutorial.
The circuit created using multiple switches that closed the circuit when pressed in the right place.

Then, for the last lesson, we did multiple LEDs in parallel, keeping in mind that all the LEDs had to be the same color family (because of voltage requirements and needing to be in the same direction).

LEDs in Parallel

After the last lesson, everyone was turned out to do their own projects.

Color Mixing Paper Circuit at Digilent MakerSpace

Check out some of the fun things that came out of the session! To see more, visit our Paper Circuits Flickr Set. We will be loading that site as projects are shared with us.

A very special thank you to Jie Qi for making her work available to use. To see the full set of tutorials including more advanced microcontroller projects, please visit her tutorials on the High Low Tech section of the MIT Media Lab. 

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